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My Spiritual Designs is part of the SPtv family, which launched back in February 2019 and since then we have grown to be considered one of the best online Spiritual services available. This includes our free Directory listing, our free Magazine, our free daily live Broadcasts, and our Event web site. With that in mind, we decided to combine our passion for web, graphic, and video designs along with our spirituality, to offer a reliable and professional service.

We have created exceptional results and happiness while working with many private clients over the years, delivering wonderful projects on time and in budget, meeting our clients' requirements without fuss or prejudice of their faith or belief, including the services they offer.

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Our Services

My Spiritual Designs can help bring your idea to life! We work closely with you to take your vision and create the perfect project that works for you.

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Other Services

We're not just a Website and Graphic Design service, we can offer the following custom work as well.

Branding & Designing 100%

Copywriting, Grammar, Type Editing, and Proofreading 100%

Custom Back-End Scripts 100%

Voice Overs & Music100%

Spiritual Website Deal

We understand that working with Spirit and promoting your services can be challenging and costly. This is why we offer a professional service at an affordable price, maintaining the highest standards of design and features with budget friendly costs.

Personal Website or other Spiritual Services

One off Payment start from £150

No monthly or yearly fees - payment options available

Talk to us about your idea

Package Deal Questions

Just some questions you might have about our special deal.

  • What do you mean by Domain name and hosting?

    Your web site needs to be hosted on a server so the public can view it. A domain name is like a postcode/zip, so browser software knows where the location of your website is.

    If you have your own Domain name but not a hosting service, then we can point your URL to our server.

    Alternatively, if you have your own hosting account, we can place your new website there instead (we would require your login details).

    If you are looking for your own hosting, we recommended the following company to host your website (if you go for the two-year package you get a free domain name): https://www.hosting24.com/cpanel-hosting

  • Can I pay in instalments for a package?

    Yes, you can, but only for the £210 package. With this, we request that you pay a £110 deposit upfront (via PayPal) and then the £100 on completion.

    If you change your mind after the £110 deposit, and decide to cancel, then you will lose the deposit.

  • How much does it cost for a Domain name?

    Domain names can cost from as little as £1.50 right up to £40 and above, this is a yearly (some cases every two-years and above) cost, for which you will be charged.

    You can purchase this separately yourself, or we can do this on your behalf, whichever is most convenient.

    Keep the domain name simple, such as mynamemedium.com or co.uk. We see so many people having a domain name such as mynamemediumandspiritualhealer.com we do not recommend this as it's too long and many people will forget. By keeping it simple and to the point, your clients will remember it.

  • Can I upgrade to another package later?

    Yes, but there may be additional fees as we would need to re-write some sections to make it compatible with the existing website. This is especially required if it's placed on your own hosting account (we have to make sure certain plugins are installed).

  • Who owns the rights to the website and domain name?

    If your site is placed on our server then we own the rights excluding any copyrighted materials that belongs to you. If we purchase the domain name on your behalf, then we will transfer the rights over to you.

    If we place your new website on your own hosting account, then you own the rights.

  • What if I want my website updated once completed?

    If your site if placed on your own hosting account, then you have full access to update it as you please; html coding would be an advantage but not needed if you are only changing the wording (we're happy to show you what to do). If you can use a word processor such as Office or Google Docs, you can add new text to your site.

    If your site if placed on our server and it's gone live, and then you want changes made, we can always help. If it's minor things such as spelling, grammar, or to replace an image, then we can do this for free. However, if you want major changes such as scripts added or additional features included, then we will ask a small fee to cover our costs.

    If you have chosen to have the calendar and the booking system from us, then you have full access to the back-end admin area where you can upload images, place events, add your services, dates, and times etc. very easily and quickly. We will show you how to accomplish this.

  • How long will it take to build my website?

    It can take up to 14 days depending how quickly we can establish your ideas and the number of features you may wish to include. We create each website to suite each individual, so you are receiving a custom design for your business, not an off the shelf option that looks like everyone else.

  • How do the online payments work?

    You will require a PayPal or Stripe account (either are optional) to accept payments. Once you have your account, you will need to setup something called an API payment; we will help you set this up.

    Once setup, all payments will go directly to you and not via a third party that may take a commission.

  • How does the Google Calendar Sync?

    You will require a Google account to sync your calendar. This way when someone makes a booking it will automatically place this within your calendar when you view it, whether on your mobile device or computer.

  • How can I contact you about other services?

    If you wish to discuss other services such as Graphic Design or Video Animations (promo videos), then please use our contact form. Check your spam folder for our automated reply if it is not received, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Some of our Work

Since My Spiritual Designs launched, we have helped promote many services with our graphic/web designs and video animations - a small selection is placed below.

Work Process

Our simple process takes you from idea to design on time and in budget.
Whatever you have in mind, we can bring it to life.

Contact Us

Thank you for thinking of us, drop us a note today and we can be working together soon!

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